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Whisper of the Heart | 1995 

Neon Genesis Evangelion  - Vol. 12

Neon Genesis Evangelion  - Vol. 12


'The city is not markedly divided into ‘French’ or ‘Arab’ neighborhoods. It is more of a ‘rich-poor’ divide. But the high concentration of Arab families in the poorer northern quartiers [quarters] of Marseille is clearly evident. The schools are perfect examples that depict this ‘north-south’ or ‘Arab-French’ divide. Children of Muslim families are concentrated in schools in the Northern working-class quartiers of Marseille.'

-Bharat Choudhary, who won a Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography in 2012 to examine the roots of ‘Islamophobia’ in Marseille, France.

2014 marks the tenth anniversary of the Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography program, which has now awarded almost $1 million in funding to photojournalists. As we prepare to announce this year’s winners on September 4 at Visa Pour l’Image, we are taking a look back at some of the winners from the past 10 years. See more on In Focus.